What We Do

GIVING-BACK, RESEARCH and INNOVATION FOR AFRICA. We are a team of international development professionals with an objective to bring local and global experiences together for impact. WE FACILITATE ACCESS to GREAT SITES and EXPERIENCES. We develop quality and fulfilling learning and service experiences for professionals and people who care about Africa.


Great SITES and EXPERIENCES. We work with you to select the best communities that suite the experiences you want to have.

You have Volunteering options in working with:

  • Education/Youth – Community Schools, Orphanages, Youth (women and men sports and community projects/activities etc)
  • Healthcare – Community healthcare facilities/outreach programs for children, women, youth etc
  • Agriculture – Farmers’ Cooperatives/groups, introduce local technology etc
  • Cultural Experiences – Community Homestay, drumming and dancing, Traditional history/herbal apprenticeship.
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Ask us …. We’ll do all the preps for Research(sites, academic/institutional collaboration, ethical clearance etc) and Innovation.

We do for individual researchers and groups (schools/colleges, group researchers etc)

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The Development Professionals at RWS GH are passionate about the objectives of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that champion empowerment and employability of the women and the youth.

Collaborate with us by JOINING, SPONSORING/DONATING with us on community projects:

  • Education Systems Strengthening – Use of technology to improve and innovate schools supervision, special education, reading, science and math.
  • Community Healthcare Strengthening – Nutrition, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Malaria, Infant Health, Healthcare Quality Improvements.
  • Agribusiness – Enhancing Food Security (crops, animal husbandry etc), Village Savings & Loans.
  • Enterprise & Employability for Youth (Women, Men) – Agribusiness & Vocational training & business assistance.
  • Community Action – Resilience (Disaster Risk Reduction), Leadership (youth and women), Community Plans & Action.
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Why Choose Us

We are Professionals capable of translating your ideas or objectives into reality and offer you memorable professional as well as fun experiences

Experienced development professionals as well community development and technical skills practitioners

We attach you to credible hosts, whether professional or social services

We have ready-to-go slots for all options so can mobilize quickly

We place you at safe and healthy environments

We pre-arrange possible medical places in the case of an emergency

After your service you become Alumni and always get first service if you want to return or recommend someone.

Give-back to the less opportuned

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